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       The aims and purposes of the “CITIZEN’S CHARTER” is to render quality services to the public, Government and the Research Scholars and also to inculcate Archival Awareness.  

       Records are useful in administration for referencing and retrospection; for Researchers to bring to light the hidden facts and for the citizen to establish property and citizenship rights.

       The Andhra Pradesh State Archives and Research Institute is a repository of both the administrative and historical records of the State of Andhra Pradesh covering the periods of Bhamani, Qutb Shahi, Adil Shahi, Mughals, Asaf Jahi, East India Company and Post Independence Records.   The Records are in different languages of Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, Persian and English.

       The oldest document dated back 1406 A.D. with regard to the grant of Kalyanabad village to Moulana Mohammad Qazi by Sultan Feroz Shah Bhamani. 


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