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       The  Andhra Pradesh State Archives has been implementing the scheme of cataloguing of the original records, preserved in Telugu , Urdu, Persian and English under the plan scheme of this department since 1989 to 1990 onwards by engaging the experts of respective languages on the basis of the fix remuneration. Government provide Rs. 42,000 to 50,000 budget every year towards the above scheme.

       The detailed Statement showing the cataloguing Archival records under the continuing plan Scheme the work has been done by the private cataloguers during the period from 1990 to 2002.  

SI. No Category and Name of the Department  Periodicity No. of the Records



1 Ex-Hyderabad Government Finance Secretariat Department.  1298 F to1318 F 20,513Records Urdu & Persian (Repository-I) 
2 Flood Relief, FWD, Kulyat (Accounts) MAL, Adalath (court), Atiyat (Finance). 1318 F to1319 F 1400 Records Urdu & Persian (Repository-I)
3 Adalath, Atiyat (Finance). 1318 F to1319 F 850 Records Urdu & Persian (Repository-I)
4 Books from Tami Nadu Archives 1868 to1954 16,000 Books Telugu Committee Br.
5 Godavari 1769  to1857 36,198(83 Vol’s) English R2 Branch
6 Guntur 1769  to1857 34,657(71 Vol’s) English R2 Branch
7 Kurnool 1769  to1857 19,570 42 Vol’s English R2 Branch
8 Masulipatnam 1769  to1857 1,08,898 177 Vol’s English R2 Branch
9 Visakhapatnam 1769  to1857 20,002 66 Vol’s English R2 Branch
10 Cuddapah 1769  to1857 36,13990 Vol’s English R2 Branch
11 Nellore 1769  to1857 53,603 161 Vol’s English R2 Branch
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