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           A good Number of Mughal documents are preserved in Andhra Pradesh State Archives. These papers are the official records of the Regional Head Quarters of the Mughal Empire at Aurangabad. In 1916 Maulavi Muhibbuddin, Accountant General of Hyderabad in one of his tours of inspection, discovered the records which were lying in the ‘Ark fort at Aurangabad. He reported to Sri Syed Khurshid Ali who was the then superintendent of Daftar-i-Diwani. Immediately, steps were taken by the government for shifting them to Hyderabad and thus they were shifted to Daftar-i-Diwani in Hyderabad, (Which eventually emerged as the Andhra Pradesh State Archives.) All the papers relating to the reigns of Shan Jahan (1626- 1658 A.D.) and Aurangzeb (1658 –1707 A.D.). The Mughal documents pertaining to the period of Shahjahan, in numbered about 5000, whereas the documents of Aurangzeb reign more than 1,50,000. These documents show a graphic picture on various aspects of the Mughal mansabdari and Jagirdari system and administrative organization, military, revenue, social and diplomatic affairs of the Mughal Deccan etc.. 

The catalogues of Mughal documents of  English summaries covering the periods of 1628-1668 has been  compiled and published by Andhra Pradesh State Archives.     Shahjahani catalogue “Mughal Archives” was first brought out in 1977. Again, eight volumes of Mughal Catalogues containing more than 26,000 documents of  Ist to 9th regal year of Aurangzeb reign have been catalogued and published. One more catalogue of 2100 documents of 10th regnal year of Aurangzeb, I part (1667-68A.D.) has been compiled and it is ready for publication. Compilation work of the  II part of the same catalogue is in progress.  The remaining documents to be compiled and published are  approximately  1,28,000 which would be published in the coming years.  

           Persian was the official language of the Mughal Empire and all the papers are in   Persian, mainly in the shikasta script. 

Some of the important types of documents contained in this category are listed below.

Sl.No. Nature of the Documents Brief definition
1. Arz- o- Chihra Descriptive roll
2. Barawurd A pay bill
3. Dastak Orders issued to treasurer: mutasaddi or any other official.
4. Dastak –i- Dagh-o-Tashiha Orders for  branding and verification
5. Dastak-i-Rahdari Passport.
6. Farman Royal orders
7. Fihrist –i- Mulaziman List of the Imperial servants
8.    Fautinama Death certificate of a person.
9. Hazir Zamini Security  bond for personal appearance.
10. Iltimas Petition
11. Iqrarnama Abound
12. Mahzarnama A written: collective attestation
13 Nishan An order issued by Prince or a member of royal family
14 Parwan or parwancha Orders issued by a king or a high noble.
15 Qabz-ul-Wasil Pay bill : acquaintance roll
16 Roznamcha Daily diaries relating to subjects like verification, branding or attendance etc.
17 Roznamcha-i-Waqai Daily news reporters; spy
18 Sanad A written authority for holding either land or office.
19 Saqtinama Death certificate of a horse
20 Siyaha – i –Huzur Proceeding of the provincial court.
21. Tasdiq-i-Izafa-i-Mansab Certificate issued in respect of increase in mansab
22. Tasdiq- i- Mansab Certificate issued on grant of mansab.
23. Tasdiq- i- Izafa-i-Mansab Certificate issued in respect of Increase in mansab.
24. Yaddasht –i-Ahkam –i- Muqaddas Memorandum Containing Imperial orders.
25. Yaddasht-i- Asl-o-Izafa Memorandum of original pay and enhancement.
26. Yaddasht-i-Dagh-o-Tashiha Memorandum of branding and verification.
27. Yaddasht-i-Hasil- i-Jagir  Memorandum regarding revenue of jagir.
28. Yaddasht-i-Maujudat-i-Aspan Memorandum showing the strength of horses.
29. Yaddasht-i- Tasdiq-Haziri Memorandum of attendance.
30. Yaddasht-i-Izafa-i-Mansab Memorandum issued in respect of increase in mansab
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