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         Name Subject  
Ref. Ahmed Alavi Administration The Mughal state of Deccan 
Umapathy, A    Administration The Board of Revenue in Andhra Pradesh 
Venkat Ramesh Raju, K(Part-Time) Administration District Collectorates in the Andhra Pradesh
James, P.A. Municipal Administration Municipal Administration in Andhra Pradesh
Mallikarjunayya, A(Full Time)   Working of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
Srinivasa, K.V. (Part Time)   Revenue Management and Administration of the Dist. Municipalities of Andhra Pradesh.
Shameem Aleem (Part Time) Civil Service Civil Service under the State of Hyderabad 1853-1948)
Miss. Ziabunissa Begum Archives A Comprehensive study of Dafte-e-Darul ins he Asaf Jahi
Haranatte Babu, T.V. Biography Sri Akbar Hydari (1869-1942) A Political Biography
Mirza Akbar Ali Baig (Part Time) Biography Life of Works of Mirza Ali Latif
Rafeeq Fatima (Full Time) Biography Life and Works of Proosavi Khan Jurat
Md. Akbar Ali Khan (Part time) Education Osmania University-A Study in Administration
Mir Najamuddin Ali Khan (Full Time) Education Education System in the Deccan during the Medical Period 1347-1687.
Vittal Rao, Y Education Education and leaving in Andhra desa East India Company
Madhava Rao, L.S. Finance Management Rural Finance in Andhra Pradesh
Panduranga Rao, S   State and Panchayat ref in Andhra Pradesh – A Study of the Administration and the financial relations
Govinda Raja Chari Freedom Movement Govinda Raja Chari 1857 Mutiny and the role of Hyderabad
Seshachari Rao, B   History of Freedom Movement in Guntur District 1921-1947
Asghar Ali Ansari Foreign Relations Relation between South Arabia and Deccan from 17th to till 20th Century
Md. Ziauddin Ahmed   Relations of Golconda with Iran 1518 – 1689
Niranjana Rao, G Irrigation The development of Krishna Godavary deltas and the transition from subsistence to commercilisation in Agriculture 1840 – 1908
Kalidasa Purushottam Literature Gopinatha Venkata Kavi and other poets of Venkatagiri Samsthanam
Kasturi Bai, M.   State agriculture of the Eluru River Basin
Chinnappa, P. Language and Literature An investigation into the causes of Back wardness in learning Hindi by Non-Hindi Students of A.P. at the High School Level.
Smt. Mahalaxmi, D.B.   A critical study of the works of the Hindi Authors of Andhra Pradesh
Kamde Anarkali, C Telugu Literature and Scholarships patronized by Pitnagar Samstanam.
Smt. Deenavathi, M.   Grandhava Tharikas Sources of Andhra History up to 1600 A.D.
Shmana Reddy, V.   History of Telugu Journals with particular reference to language evolutions. 
Shaikh Mestay (Full Time) Language and Literature Mershnu Contribution to Telugu language and literature
Smt. Swarajya Lakshmi(Full Time)   Influence of Urdu and Telugu.
Sabapathy, V Legislation Some Aspects of Andhra Pradesh Legislature
Nagamba, E Political History of Pasupatis of Vizianagaram (1652-1754)
Sudershan Rao, Y   Relations between British East India Company and Zamindars of Northern Circars India 18th Century
Someswara Rao, G.   Two decades of Socio Political movements in Telugu or Renaissence Movement in Telangana.
Krishna Murthy, Political Unification of Andhra
Devarg, J Religion History of Christion Missionary in Telangana (1848 – 1948)
Satyanarayana, M   A Study of Buddist Structure on the Museum of Hyderabad
Sulaiman Siddiqui   Sufis of the Deccan from 13-18th Century
Surya Prakas   Survival of Jainism in Rayalaseema
Anil Kumari, V   Study of the Society of the Kakitya times
Imadi, M. Ali   Role of the Nobility under the Nizam’s reign
Afzal Mohammad   Urban Patterns and Morphology of the Coal mining towns in Telangna.
Raja Mohan Rao,   Transport development in Andhra.
Madan Mohan Reddy, V   Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation – A Study in Administration.
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