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            The Archival Center at Rajahmundry has been established in  1992, this office has been acquired 10, 390 records including St. George Gazettees, Revenue Disposals, Private Records and Library books etc., and this office branch recently has been acquired Judicial Department, Forest Department and East Godavari District Collectorate Office, Kakinada and also collected Arabic and Urdu Records also.  Now this centre is functioning at Town Hall Library, Rajahmundry. 

The detailed information of the Regional Office of Rajahmundry Records are shown  below:


Name of the Records


1 R. Disposal of Godavari District 1905 – 1930  (8901)
2 St. George Gazetteers  (Madras) 1855 – 1930 (710)
3 Madras State All District Gazetteers 1905 – 1935  (69)
4 Law Digest – Administration Report, Illustrations of Metal Works, Ananda Ranga Palli’s Diaries – Statistical Atlas Army Report – Monographs etc.  
5. Judicial Records – Godavari District 1815 – 1920 (350)
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