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            Kaifiyats contain  inscriptions, drawings, coins, and several other antiquities. Most of these were sent to England. Mackenzie's Collection was dominated by the series called Kaifiyats and inscriptions, the former being prepared mostly by the local Karnams at his instance and collected by his specially appointed surveyors whose names unfortunately are not available. The number of such records is said to be in several thousands. Most of them were compiled in the second decade of the nineteenth century.

The detailed information about the Kaifiyats Collections are described below:

Sl. No. Categories of Collections Periodicity

No. of Records

1. Inscriptions -- 8,706
2. Drawings -- 2,630
3. Coins -- 6,218

Microfilm Rolls of Mackenzie & Brown Collections

1800-1823 60
5. Kaifiyats -- 2000
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