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            The Public Department was constituted in the year 1670. The G.O's from 1920-1953 were part of the records of the Madras Government and came into the custody of State Archives in 1956. The records cover the period from 1857-1939 and contain Missionaries, Agency Prisoners, and their release, I.A.S. Rules, Political Agitations, Elections, Books and Publications and the matters concerning Police Firings, matters relating to Courts, various Acts of Legislature, Merger of (Indian) States etc.

  The detailed information of the Public Department are given below:

Sl. No. Category Periodicity No. of Records
1. G.O’s    
  a)  Public 1920-1952 9,433
  b) Public (Police) 1930-1936    642
  c) Public (Political) 1920-1936 23
2. Printed Proceedings    
  a) Public 1857-1939 415
  b) Public (Political) 1857-1935 360
  c) Public and Foreign 1901-1922 16

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