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           11. LOCAL ADMINISTRATION AND LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENT                        

          The records covers the period from 1887 – 1952.  As Local and Municipal Departments up to 1920 and as Local Self Government from 1920-1936 and Local Administration from 1937-1953. These records were part of  records of the Madras Government and came into custody of Andhra Pradesh Archives in 1956. The original G.O's, from 1953 to 1956 transferred from the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat to Andhra Pradesh State Archives. The records pertain the information on G.O’s, sanction of the posts of Manager and Accountant, Audit Reports of Collectors and District Magistrates of different Districts, Provident Fund matters of employees, Administrative reports of certain District Municipalities and Sanctions of bridges Railways etc.

The detailed information of the Local Administration & Local Self Department are given below:

Sl. No. Category Periodicity No. of Records
1. G.O’s 1920 – 1952 39,325
2. Printed Proceedings    
  a) Local Municipality 1887-1920 712
  b) Local and Municipal) Municipal Department 1887-1920 425
  c)  Local and Municipal (Medical) 1916-1920 55
  d)  Local and Municipal (Plague) 1898-1920 300
  e) Local Self Government 1921-1949 101
3. Printed Indices    
  a) Local Administration 1950-1952 3
  b) Local and Municipal 1920-1931 7
4. Reference Media    
  a) Local & Municipal Department (Local) 1887-1920  
  b) Local and Municipal (Plague) 1898-1920  
  c) Local & Municipal (Municipal) 1887-1920  
  d) Local & Municipal (Medical) 1916-1919  
  e) Local Self Government 1921-1931  
  f) Local & Municipal 1931-1936



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