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   Finance Department was created in the year 1811 A.D. The records of this  department cover the period 1864–1953. The Department of Finance contains the information on advances against Cyclonic Damages, passing of Expenditure on Famine Relief, sanction of extra allotment for additional staff, work of Public Accounts,   Estimates Committee and Reorganisation Committees, Rules and Regulations regarding pay etc., Budget Estimates, Local Fund and Treasury work.

The detailed information of the Finance Department are given below:

Sl. No. Category Periodicity No. of Records
1. G.O’s 1920 – 1952 8,143
2. Printed Proceedings 1857 – 1932 385
3. Printed Indices    
  a)  Finance 1920-1953 25
  b) Finance 1920-1935 --
  c)  Finance (Marine) 1921-1935 --
  d) Finance (Pension) 1920-1941 --

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