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        Revenue   Department was created in the year 1774. The G. Os from 1920 to 1953 (1937-1954 confidential records) formed part of the records of the Madras Government and came into the  custody of State Archives in 1956. The G.Os from 1954-1959 transferred from A.P. Secretariat without indices. The reference media is only the transfer list. G.Os of 1920 of Revenue (Special) are formed part of the records and contains information on Survey of Land, extensions of the boundaries, Land Acquisition, Appointment of Excise Staff, Commercial Tax  Department etc. Alienation of land cases falling under the purview of the Estates, delegation of duties of Gazetted Officers.

The detailed particulars of the Board of Revenue Department of Secretariat are given below:

Sl. No. Category Periodicity No. of Records
1. G.O’s 1927 – 1944 19,121
2. Printed Proceedings 
  a)  Board of Revenue 1858 – 1886 322
  b)  Board of Revenue Commissioner of   Excise     1925 – 1937 90
  c)  Board of Revenue (Land Records and Agriculture) 1887 – 1922 414
  d)  Board of Revenue ( land Revenue) 1888 – 1937 432
  e)  Board of Revenue Secretariat 1886 – 1914 450
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